Facilities Manager Comparison Checklist


All carpet care services are available including dyeing, cleaning & pet odor removal – you only need to make one phone call for all of your carpet maintenance needs? Yes ?
Carpet cleaning includes pre-treatment, followed by a deep-cleaning extraction process that restores even even filthy carpets to like-new condition again? Yes ?
Carpet cleaning process also lifts and rejuvenates carpet nap extending carpet life? Yes ?
Carpet cleaning crews can perform all carpet repairs including patches, seam repair, binder bar replacement, gum removal, burn repair, pad replacement and re-stretching? Yes ?
Complete carpet dyeing services are available including spot dyes, fade restoration and complete odor changes that virtually eliminate color related replacements? Yes ?
Dye technicians have the expertise to cover major stains and color problems with only minor changes to the original carpet color? Yes ?
Dye technicians offer many options for fixing color problems so managers are seldom faced with dyeing the entire carpet or the need to make a premature replacement? Yes ?
Guaranteed per odor services include documented inspections (helpful for use in litigation), scientific odor detection methods, treatment and removal? Yes ?
Flood restoration services are available including drying, decontamination, pad replacement and carpet removal and re-installation? Yes ?
Services are constantly improved by conducting extensive research into new carpet care products and technologies? Yes ?
Many crews are trained and ready to provide the manpower required to meet your scheduling needs – even during the peak busy season? Yes ?
Twenty-four hour emergency services are available? Yes ?
Crews are trained to inform you of all carpet blemishes so you can decide on a repair option that best firs your needs? Yes ?
Crews are uniformed and professional and use company vehicles that are fully equipped to meet your needs? Yes ?
Your phone calls are answered by a trained, full-time office staffs ready to help you, not by an answering machine or service? Yes ?
 Crews document completed jobs with a detailed work order, followed by a typed invoice and supported by a full-time bookkeeping department? Yes ?